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Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Nathan Drake returns, who knows if for the last time, with most of his adventures. Shootings, platforms, vehicles and an impressive technical section. The Uncharted formula mixture, stir and add concepts to become the ultimate adventure. Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace is not only the release of Naughty Dog in the new generation of consoles (remasters and compilations aside). It is also, and despite the redundancy, the outcome of a franchise that takes a giant step forward. That understand how to combat fashion games open world and manages to deliver what other action adventures have tried unsuccessfully. In this analysis, we will tell you why numbered the fourth installment of the series starring Nathan Drake is not only the best game of the franchise, but also an example for all the adventures that want to succeed in their footsteps. Another thing is to get reach. 

Naughty Dog became the last generation of consoles in one of the most important companies in the sector. A trilogy Drake PlayStation 3 was added acclaimed, and rightly so, The Last of Us. Games that make a difference and personality to offer a catalog of consoles. The study was, de facto, the differential element that Sony had among its varied cast of development teams. And the confidence he gained for all we waited, since the announcement of the new Playstation 4 to see what they could do. That's probably why they sat bad some delays, however small they were in some cases. And because we wanted to get our hands on what they were cooking.

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Expectations were not going wrong. Journalism used to be ungrateful for own mistakes, prejudices and all kinds of criticism, from the most justified to those that have no foundation. But this exhibition to the general public when publishing an analysis often is offset at times like this. To test, enjoy and deepen one of the most important games of the year with some advance and live in first person, without foreign interference or destripes, an experience like that Uncharted 4 offers, it is a privilege. The work on something that requires vocation and reward. Because the game of Naughty Dog offers just that: reward. In the form of sensations that are awakening through control while enjoying new mechanics, the spectacular sequences, the likelihood of events or the charisma of its protagonists. Cuesta get some 'but' the proposal Uncharted 4. No-no game is perfect because it is-but because in what purports to offer simply has no rival.

There are many virtues of Uncharted 4 and what has been achieved in the game has a special merit. At a time when the games open world seem to dominate the field, are shooters, adventure, sandboxes or puzzle games, Naughty Dog arrives and stays true to a way of understanding the titles. An idea that seems from previous generations to also-boom FPS. But if something has demonstrated the developer Sony is also adaptability. And that translates into Uncharted 4 which surpasses the original trilogy, among other things, because it is able to offer a twist on something that worked in Playstation 3 but it would be more difficult in the current context.

The Adventures of today seem to have understood that in the overwhelming content of the open world must offer something that differentiates them. And that happens in part inspired by a cinematic narrative, too, the television series that much like today's society. It is at this point that we have seen names like The Order: 1886 or Quantum Break try trendsetter. But stay, too, halfway. By low and irregular (the game Ready at Dawn) or for not getting fit the narrative and characters playable sequences (the Remedy) playable content. Naughty Dog is simply another world in this regard. By balancing elements, emanating naturalness in the relationship between them and the consistency that is at all times in a game that does not forget, never, precisely what it is: a video game. 

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Drake: Who are you?
We will not go into too many details about the plot, beyond the staging and everything that many already know. Nathan Drake is the charismatic protagonist of an adventure in which he will be reunited with his brother Sam. The relationship between them is the main thread of a new adventure story that has absolutely everything you can expect from the franchise. The presence of classic characters like Elena and Sully, or villains who have as much or more charisma than the protagonists (or at least higher than other enemies seen in the series), as well as a fast-paced development of continuous progress with some unexpected twists. Gimmicky, with great pace and with some surprise.

This is an argument that delves deeper into two premises. First, the current Nathan Drake who works and lives in quiet versus the Drake we know and still latent within it. The second, Sam. Who he is, where he comes from, what he wants and why returns. As happened with Uncharted 3 Naughty Dog looks to the past to understand both premises, although it does so with far more success than the Playstation 3. One of the complaints 'Drake's Deception' was just like the rhythm was broken badly with Nate's childhood. Not by itself but by time player interaction in these phases. Here we see a pre-teen Drake, but much closer to what is expected of the legendary explorer future. Surely some flasbhack the final stretch of the game will not fit in the development playable, but it does in the narrative.

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Anyone who has played the previous Uncharted can know more or less what to expect at plot level, which is reinforced by the characters. Ingenious in the comments, with a touch of humor that borders self-parodic at times, occasional friction and dramatic touch at other points, everything works without more aim than to offer a compelling plot. Sam adds an interesting adventure role, Sully remains Sully, Drake shows that innate charisma with which he entered our lives with the first Uncharted and villains. we would not know what to stay. Even Elena, who seems relegated at first just being who we all hope. A cast that simply works and distributes roles rightly both side or the other. Deepening just enough to empaticemos with them while, of course, we look for the umpteenth treasure. And it is that like its predecessors, the saga is far from great transcendental stories and maintains a naive touch that makes it so different in this section to other titles where it seems it can only be relevant or interesting to the player save the world.

Not everything is perfect in the plot and its development, much less. But it works. In fact, and as usual, Naughty Dog certain licenses is taken to justify some movements (related game mechanics or the plot itself) that may be more or less accepted, but on aggregate both the tone of adventure as the development of it, and the climactic moments -including the final stretch and a different epilogue than usual are of high value that leave memorable moments. 

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Reformulate the concept: action adventure
The strength of the narrative is very much in the early stages of the game, but in these early chapters are already beginning to glimpse some ideas that are permeating and serve to reshape not only the gameplay of the series but also the genre itself. In Uncharted 4 We still have shootouts with hedges, phases of platforms, some puzzles and exploration elements. What changes is how to deal with each of these proposals playable. Even mixing several of them with a result of more successful. It is linear, but not easy. The difference at this point is important to be swaged.

The shooting system is familiar to anyone who knows the series and the genre of TPS. From Gears of War (2006) popularized the coverage, all the titles of these features have coined without any problems. Uncharted did it and maintains it. Here, the difference is the level design that arises from the outset. In previous installments often we had a limited space made it clear where enemies came and where we could move us. This changes in most scuffles we will have in Uncharted 4. 

Shootings expand in all directions giving the feeling many times we have battles to 360 degrees. It is due to level design, much more vertical with two, three and four stories high, and more irregular in morphology. It is not unusual fight between platforms with several mountains and small pillars scattered around the stage and that translates into a coverage is not forever. Because it is volatile or because we can shoot from the back.

The dangers of the enemies are multiplied by this, but also grow the player's options. Each checkpoint after a death is an option to try something different. Up to a building next to us snipers to attack first, moving through the tall grass to approach another group of enemies, this is just the beginning. And one of the ways we have to face the battles, because in most cases we are offered the opportunity to resolve the fighting in stealth mode. In the The Last of Us. 

When we arrived in an area surrounded by mercenaries stealth mode the game is activated. Have alert levels that make them suspicious of certain movements and if they see us, alerting the entire group. Unsatisfactory is really complicated-and finish undetected in one location, but it works well when used to clean part of the battlefield to be detected. We can finish them surprising from coverage areas, spaces in which we hide as weeds or ranged attacks. Freedom to decide how to face these battles is one of its pluses, being demanding both go bare-chested against numerous enemies at once like trying not to be discovered.

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

To all this the factor platformer game, which also contributes its bit to action is added. We can move through unimaginable to try to surprise enemies or just escape their bullets sites. They are not seldom that once we finish with an area and inspect the place we realize the multitude of choices we had to kill the mercenaries. And I want to repeat mechanical testing available will not be short. In fact, the rope with hook plays a vital role in areas of platforms can also make a difference in these shootings, jumping from one place to another as if Batman in one of their games Arkham out, but with enemies who will not miss us view so easily.

Hook rope is one of the mechanical star game . Opens up possibilities in the areas of platforms, which are more dynamic and less automatic in many moments, and allows inspect various possibilities both when swinging to reach a distant place as when using it to climb walls or descend without danger drop. Also adds a plus of showmanship in various sequences. But it is not all new. We will fall on slopes that we will overcome at high speed until we find the point you hooked, have walls where we can nail spikes to create new platforms and no lack of structures falling our way forcing climber correct our progress.

The best of platforming elements for more than half of the game is precisely that they are not only platforms to get from point A to point B, but offer more. Mechanics that are not complicated but require the player to watch; combat situations where platform as headshots, stealth or areas in which we have to move through buildings, windows and terraces without being discovered is so important. Unfortunately, despite having a wide variety of situations, it is also true that in the second part of the title is abused in excess of several areas of semi-automatic tremendously clear progress platforms, something that surprises because everything is proposed previously, these areas may be different. Although not too many or too long, it incidentally. 

Enemies and allies
Shoot with a variety of weapons (no missing classic the same type), clean areas with grenades, melee fight with a functional system without boasting too as decided if we use the platforms, stealth or simply our aim. The versatility of the meetings before us, the variety of mechanical and especially the feeling that we are always doing something cause the pace of the adventure does not falter in 15 hours juego.Y also fun. The balance of playable proposals is almost perfect, and the challenge and force us to die more than once in moderate difficulty. Thanks also a cast of enemies able to outflank, surprise melee attacking, being extremely lethal with a sniper or grenade launchers and heavy and insistent when it comes extra armor and shotgun in hand.

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The Walking Dead Game Analysis: Michonne - Episode 3: What We Deserve

The Walking Dead Game Analysis: Michonne - Episode 3: What We Deserve

Telltale Games closes its miniseries with a disappointing third chapter that is not up to its star, overwhelming and relentless Michonne. All details of What We Deserve our analysis. We arrived at sunset miniseries starring Michonne and our worst fears seem to be confirmed; and is that without being a bad game, Telltale Gameshas finally choke the goose that lays golden eggs with a formula that although in its early iterations was fresh and interesting, with an excellent first season of The Walking Dead and after showing his best side with proposals like the great The Wolf Among Us or Tales from the Borderlands, has now reached a point of no return, where the Telltale gene is perceived worn, without any hint of innovation and abusing certain practices that end up hastiar even fan fiercest. what We Deserve repeats the same mistakes of the past, accentuating a confusing final stretch with a denouement, say, daunting.

The Walking Dead Game Analysis: Michonne - Episode 3: What We Deserve

So much so that Telltale Games cries out for a reformulation of its character as one of the studies that have restored some of the lost grandeur to graphic adventures without being the paradigm of gender, they have actually managed to popularize their own style between the great public. And it has been based franchises hunt large weight and keep it with their latest ads, applying a series that at this stage neither surprised nor engaged. All this is further accentuated in the case of the miniseries Michonne; and it is that Telltale has been characterized by deep and interesting develop along five chapters or more, somewhat more generous length and with a cast of supporting characters to match. With Michonne the opposite occurs, since we must settle for three episodes of between an hour and hour and a half, obviously insufficient to provide a product weight.

A narrative level, What We Deserve is not up to par; at least compared with the brightest shares of the company. At no time did we empathize with the accompanying Michonne , unique element of the set that shines. In addition, the script does not accompany at any time, with some really baffling sections and abusing so hackneyed flashbacks to the end, leaving us with more questions than answers. Something that worked fairly well in the first episode, here ends up ruining a frame with little interest. These flashbacks manage to stun the player with continuous swings between past and present, brought with bad fortune to the screen, breaking apart the pace on many occasions.

The Walking Dead Game Analysis: Michonne - Episode 3: What We Deserve

Again, the real appeal of the miniseries is its main character, a Michonne that maintains the level at all times and shown unforgiving to a denouement, as we say, somewhat disappointing and anticlimactic in the narrative; yes, the final showdown is noteworthy for its intensity. Otherwise, fans of the works of Telltale know find that point to an adventure that shows its best face in implementing certain more animated sequences, action scenes are interspersed between insipid dialogue and decision-making, again, almost zero, leaving by the way one of the strengths of the study itself; Miniseries things as ephemeral duration, we suppose. On the other hand, as in previous chapters, shown fully respects the original source of the work, ie the comic. And what about your sound section, with very representative melodies and dubbing into English, with texts in Castilian to match, again, with special emphasis on the hard character of Michonne.

Yes, the already typical performance problems become Telltale titles with What We Deserve, with alarming drops in framerate , frozen scenes and even complete blocks of the game. As critiqued in previous episodes, Telltale should take action on the matter and resolve these annoying drawbacks, if we take into account the current power both consoles and compatible, even mobile devices. It may be precisely the main reason to keep a graphic motorcycle backfiring so long - lived and constantly: the need to adapt each pitch to the maximum possible platforms.

The Walking Dead Game Analysis: Michonne - Episode 3: What We Deserve

Final conclusion:
This third episode of Michonne is not what we deserve; and that contrary to what the title says the final chapter, What We Deserve, itself is far from being considered an interesting piece in the universe of The Walking Dead in the hands of Telltale Games. We can only recommend purchasing those true fans of post - apocalyptic world by Robert Kirkman and creator especially those who want to delve into the character of Michonne. If you do not feel the need to know more about the character not expect to find much of interest in a miniseries that adds nothing in terms of gameplay or narrative quality, very subject to the short duration of the three chapters with a script too accelerated and a side that will fall into oblivion even before the end of the story. Without being a bad game, fans of The Walking Dead and adventures made ​​in Telltale deserve more, much more.

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Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

More than ten years ago we in the gaming world are witnessing a real boom of the game massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), initiated by the unforgettable titles like Ultima Online, Everquest or Ragnarok Online. But the genre did not quite explode until the arrival of World of Warcraft, a social phenomenon that has dominated this market for almost twelve years, a success which many have wanted to take advantage and has led to the emergence of multitude of imitators that eventually failed in their great majority. Over the years, interest in these games has gradually will decrease up to now, finding a time when the genre is low hours popularity, thus hindering the entry of new competitors, especially when they to bet on a payment model (either with or without subscription). Now it's the turn of Black Desert Online, a title that has managed to capture the public 's interest with its striking graphics and spectacular character editor, but... what about the game itself?

Back to the origins of the genre
The first thing to make clear is that we find a MMORPG that focuses more on the side sandbox genre (a completely open world where we have total freedom from the outset) that the theme park (more guided games trying take hand in our progress). If we add that the tutorials are there are very poorly addressed and that all they achieve is to confuse us even more, the result is an overwhelming and very tough title in its infancy.

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

The character editor
As in any good MMORPG, the first thing we have to do before you start playing will create our hero or heroine, but this time editing tool we have at our disposal is a genuine technical will allow us to touch up each and every the physical parameters of our character with a highly intuitive interface, facilitating the creation of our ideal avatar. The options are almost endless, but we were disappointed enough that gender and certain parameters are locked depending on the class you choose. We shall soon find that we have a huge amount of different activities in which to invest our time and a somewhat hostile interface that will ask us that we dedicate a while to get acclimated to it before we start to move through menus with some ease and we know what that tells us each of its bars and gauges.

Instinctively, our first few hours dedicated to play it as if it were a theme park, that is, following the main story and fulfilling the mission with which we were finding so discovering their world while we were testing its various mechanical to finish understand. this is probably the worst part of the game, because the objectives of these orders are extremely basic and boring, and the story leaves much to be desired and is very poorly narrated (improvement in the second half, but the temptation to start jumping dialogues and videos will very present).

The energy will become one of our greatest enemies. The monsters? Not that much.
With the passing of time, this feeling of going completely lost was decreasing time when we really started to enjoy the game and many of their activities, moving from one to another when we wanted or we tired of doing what we were doing . It is a title in which we mark the pace for your enjoyment without the game impose us what to do in every moment or what we would say if not for the inclusion of Energy. It is a resource that automatically regenerates over time and we have to use to do almost anything, such as creating objects, steal or learn combat skills, to mention just a few examples. This results in a system that is reminiscent of a free-to-play mobile and did not like us too much as it has seemed to us completely unnecessary and has come to be very annoying to the point of "compel" leave play in the background when we did not fancy play instead of closing the program, as these points are regenerated faster when we are connected (obviously we took advantage to let our character performing some automatic task).

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

Fortunately, our energy limit can be extended thanks to Knowledge. Each enemy you kill, every character you speak and every book we read will make us learn new things about the game world, allowing us to increase our relations with the NPC to unlock more missions and new conversations or increase our damage against certain types of enemies and even our chances of receiving a good haul of them. And as we said, besides all this, the more knowledge we have, the greater our maximum amount of energy possible.

This, together with its various types of experience, results in a game that continues to invite us to do a bit of everything: trade, gather resources, fight enemies without stopping to level up (I advised that you are going to have to grind a lot), complete quests, find characters that talk, etc., something that feels good, especially if we consider that the conduct of its activities separately is usually something a bit tedious and repetitive.

Regarding the combat system, we have a commitment to real time action that resembles at times to what we would see in a hack and slash instead of a traditional MMORPG, with combos and button combinations to perform the blows, giving much dynamism to the battles, at least against other players, which is where it is enjoyed since fighting normal enemies we simply dedicate pounding buttons and follow a more or less defined rotation with the aim of killing as many as possible in the shortest time so we can lighten our level rise.

The monsters do not pose any challenge and ultimately end up becoming mere punching bags that fail to take advantage of a combat system, on the other hand, we liked and very spectacular, without us "map" means keyboard to run a number of techniques. This also causes, therefore, that "grind" and combat quite bored sole medium term. Classes, although not very numerous, are distinct, they offer different styles of play and are highly customizable , so it is possible to orient in a particular way and try different configurations that help us distinguish ourselves from the rest and find that more suited to our tastes and preferences. To emphasize that the classical division of roles other games is very diffuse in Black Desert, so do not expect to find you with tanks, DPS and healers as such.

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

That which at first seems strange and not make much sense responds to the fact that the PVE game content is quite low, so there is no kind of instanced dungeon (which there are outdoors and do not work with the traditional scheme "progresses, kills the shift manager and collect your rewards"), so if you come looking for this, and I advised that this is not your game.

Black Desert in there quick trip, so be prepared for long walks that await you.
Here the main objective is to make us feel that we are in a living world where we can do everything and interact with other players in many different ways, either by creating a guild dedicated to a type specific activity, planning and managing trade routes between cities (with carriage of goods in real time and physical representation), fighting against other users to conquer resource nodes, increasing our knowledge of the world, and so on. There are many things to do in Black Desert, all of which are complex and will require a lot of dedication, time and patience to master.

Graphically we have a game that looks really good and that is the best we've seen in the genre, with full of elements scenarios, good textures usually (although there are very improvable) and characters modeled with pleasure (although the design of enemies we have found something irregular in art). The animations are also very collected and effects that usually put on display our techniques make every battle a true visual spectacle.

Graphically we can only impute the existence of popping in some elements of the scenarios.
In addition, to top off the good news say that the program is really well optimized and offers a lot of configuration options to adapt the experience to the needs of our team. To enjoy a fairly powerful PC deserves as needed, but the experience is worth it. The sound section has seemed quite looser, with a generic soundtrack something that seeks to convey a sense of epic adventure without much success, some effects that are purely functional and English dub which boasts some unconvincing performances.

Final conclusions
Black Desert is a paid game, but has no monthly subscription. In return, there micropayments as cosmetic items such as clothes, which are extremely expensive. Black Desert is not the perfect MMORPG, but has managed to play well enough letters to offer a different game to everything we're used to seeing in the genre, resulting in a complete title, with a lot of freedom, full of things to do and where everything is not to fight. Yes, it is a very dense game, with a barrier of high input intimidate more than one and we will require that we devote much of our time, so it will not be dish everyone's taste, something this will also have to join your system problems such as energy or poor PVE content. However, if you fancy a different MMO World of Warcraft and its legion of clones and bet on an approach much more classic and traditional genre, here you will find an interesting alternative to consider a little to the proposal calls you attention.

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The Division - Game Test: What about the Xbox One?

The Division - Game Test

After you have delivered our verdict on the PC version of The Division  and the PS4 release, we focused on the Xbox One. Developed by no less than four different studios (Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Annecy, Red Storm) and edited by Ubisoft, the title will be able to wait. The game immerses us in a near future where a global pandemic has decimated a large portion of the American population. The disease in question, the "Dollar flu," able to spread because of greenbacks transactions on the day of Black Friday (big day balances across the Atlantic). On this occasion, the Division, a top-secret group for the protection of American citizens is activated and YOU are one of the agents. Here is our decrypting the Xbox One.

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Sheltered Analysis

Sheltered Analysis

The resemblance between Sheltered and Fallout Shelter is too suspicious to be a coincidence, but the fact is that, although based a bit on the post - apocalyptic universe of the classic Fallout, Sheltered was announced before the game for mobile. In any case, the game Unicube and Team17 comes to home platforms PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 where no direct competition with the title of Bethesda. Its title already hints at what this management game: a shelter. There is no plot development and presents us a world devastated by some kind of cataclysm that has decimated the population and pollutes basic resources such as water and air. We started with a small group of four individuals, two adults and two children, fully editable appearance and characteristics oriented intelligence, strength, with lower consumption of food or rest faster forming the initial family. You can even add a pet that offers some advantage.

The goal is to withstand the maximum alive and manage daily life of this group they can join more characters. As the days pass appear natural needs, eating and drinking, but also many others. Sheltered is a complex game for the large number of requests that begin to emerge soon, and that each individual will need to make their needs sleep, you can you sick, ask a shower, all it multiplied by the number of inhabitants of this underground base. Space for placing objects is limited to the rooms that we unblocking, and building materials are consumed. It is a vicious circle that we must maintain balanced growth.

The retreat begins with little space. With the passage of time, you can expand rooms to place new objects. As if that were not enough, the wear of the installations is constant. You have to clean the waste generator and even air filters or water, located on the outside of the shelter. For these tasks manufacturing and maintenance have improved work table a level, more and better objects to construct to create a rudimentary sleeping bag and bed later, or use a cauldron before disposing of the coveted toilet. The passage of time is fast and whenever we on time can rewind the clock, but sooner or later begin the burdens and tight supplies also each job keeps busy a person for a few minutes and sometimes not given keep up with the requests.

Sheltered Analysis

So far we have talked about the needs of our family, but how those resources for food and construction are obtained? You have to go outside. The base has a radio to locate interesting points on the map or call a merchant for exchanging objects -they also occasionally come to your door with a curious exchange: each object has a price and you have to match or exceed what gives us the seller. Perhaps you have left short walk in wood and cement or food.

The increase in machinery and personnel also raises the needs and problems.
However the best way to get new food and materials is sending characters expedition, alone or in pairs. If you found farms or buildings thanks to the radio you can go to fixed shot, otherwise you give groped. By selecting the point on the map water consumption indicated, so do not come free; more distance, more reserves needed. Oh, and we also need gas masks or special suit to prevent radiation.

Partway journey through these wastelands receive instructions by radio from peers. Hopefully we will say that they have found an interesting place and a series of objects to bring back. While we still have space, any tool is valuable. Sometimes we will find characters to engage in a little dialogue, and will be possible to join in our base. Of course, there is a period of loyalty necessary for them to be fully integrated into the group, and sometimes not all guests are welcome. In fact, on occasion we will have to fight strangers, or one of the guests decided to break the material and leave. 

Sheltered Analysis

We have hardly mentioned all the management possibilities. For example, when death comes to one of the characters, the body must be treated carefully because it could psychologically affect a colleague. To prevent the body is in sight of the rest of the team must dig his grave. Pets like a cat, or the use of music, help lower the stress of the base. As we see, there are many factors to consider every minute.

By exploring new places you find more characters. Not all are friendly.
Our biggest complaint is that Sheltered often success is based on randomness, and that disrupts the entire chain management. Water and food are two basic needs, and as the characters return trip, one or two will be asked shower consumption- much of which is carried. It is very easy for problems to come caused by one single detail to dwindle such a basic right. Investigate not always reward locations with canned food and easy to get to an impasse in which you see your population is in danger but you can not do anything because acting consume something that is even more necessary. It is a slow and painful virtual death. You can not always rely on rain in time to save the game appears.

Sheltered Analysis

More than a problem of difficulty, sometimes it gives the impression Sheltered too dependent on multiple factors unrelated to how well you play, to be more complicated than it should play. As little help, and quite necessary in consoles where control menus and targeted is not as satisfying as with a mouse, you can automate your characters to meet their needs by themselves. If you are sleepy and there is a free bed, they go to sleep, or eat will go hungry. Perhaps spending is greater than rushing the limits manually, but it is an option which in our case we use almost from the beginning to avoid permanent care of each member and seems essential.

Repairs and improves installation, is worn by use.
Another issue that reduces a little fun is that for many days of departure does not arise any unforeseen event or dedicate and only survival. That is not enough for the number of objects to repair and improve, but when our intention is simply to endure for weeks and months to do a bit repetitive. Of course, that does not mean we like to see bandits raiding our home to give more vidilla to events, but be aware of many systems from the first minute just by wearing the user when the goal is to resist the maximum number of days possible and be in a good position on the boards Records.

The team has opted for pixelated low resolution graphics. This is one of those games where it seems that art has been chosen by simple inertia. What a few years ago brought personality-for differentiation of so called "triple A" no longer has the same effect, and if you bet on the pixel-art to save work here is unjustified, it is a game that practically runs on the screen underground. with a little more detail you could better appreciate the personalization and shelter environment. For the record, neither it is wrong: the characters are well animated and the music is not too intrusive. It is developed primarily by two people, it is difficult to demand more.

Sheltered Analysis

The graphics could be better, especially for the limited variety of scenarios.
For Sheltered is a bit strange because most problems do not come from a simplicity in gameplay, rather on the contrary. It is overloaded with elements and relies too heavily on luck, a problem that becomes chronic in the long term; a current game can take us several hours. In addition, the apparent freedom of action tends to be very limited in practice by the limited amount of resources available, which means that often must do all you can, not what you would like. A more realistic pressure or elaborate it does not always equate to more entertainment. Despite these criticisms, the gamer will appreciate the genre found on a tightrope. And as often happens in these games, as we move more makeup options open repetitiveness. It is far from being a jewel, but amply fulfills what is asked of him.

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Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

The third installment of the work of Miyazaki wants to soar in the next generation of consoles with a more dynamic combat, playable news and surprises based on death and destruction. 3 Dark Souls is one of the great game of 2016 to come. At least on paper and received a legacy and a legacy that encouraging. The game From Software wants to shine in a new generation of consoles that have seen what they are able to Bloodborne and to a lesser extent, the Scholar of the No review of Dark Souls 2. But this third installment numbered Series Miyazaki is more than the 'official' release of the franchise: the consolidation of a way of understanding the Action RPG that has proven successful and solid since Demon's Souls out exclusively for Playstation 3 will soon seven years. Dark Souls 3 promises to recover the essence of the saga that remained in limbo with Bloodborne, a game more focused on combat, but evolving with everything they have learned from their predecessors. That is something.

In any case, the third installment of the saga comes with many challenges to overcome in this release. On the one hand we have an obligation to compare Dark Souls, the original. For many the sequel of the game left the road nuances and details that made ​​him lose some strength. And maybe they were right in certain elements from a not so well connected world (that, Dark Souls was just brilliant and made ​​you raise, with a mixture of interest and wonder, would it be a map of the game world form on paper) for certain accessibility in the early hours, free between fires much more agile and some leaders not as inspired patterns. But make no mistake, Dark Souls 2 was for many, myself included, an excellent game that he knew, or wanted, to balance certain confusing proposals of the first delivery. What Dark Souls 3? Surely continue this way but recovering part what we have listed above.

just need look at Bloodborne to realize that the exclusive Playstation 4 is not just a modification of the bases of Souls series, but is a way to deepen in new ways that will surely be well present Dark Souls 3. The game itself starring Hunter and his nightmares had an interconnected world system much more interesting areas that Dark Souls 2 and igualarlo- without being able to compare what we saw in Dark Souls. But it was clear that From Software had not forgotten this point and that will be present. In fact, what we have seen so far and try and have strokes that have left an interconnected world between him more than what we can expect.

Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

But is it really combat inherits some of the virtues of PS4 game. It is not the same, but having played the Souls saga and the title of PS4 is clear that if we had done the exercise in reverse, going from Bloodborne to Dark Souls, the end result would be that of a combat system very similar to what will have the third installment of the saga numbered. A movement more agile, with jumps and dashes running more smoothly and dynamic and the possibility of optimizing the bar verve better character than before. The result is satisfactory, as it does not become a Bloodborne where movement, parries and send evasive, but are not as corseted as before. Furthermore, the arrangement of the enemies forces us to raise the fighting different from the way Hunter Nightmare. 

Dark Souls III (PC)
The shield is again protagonist, also conventional types much like the halberd weapon, double swords or large swords, bows and besides, of course, the return of magic as an essential element power and offers many more possibilities. We will also have new mechanics as the Arts, special attacks with weapons of our right hand, which vary by position and in effect each time and type of weapon. The items and other surprises that await us are promised that we will have a lot of weapons search and dig unlike Bloodborne, complete with details known but thought to evolve the formula lifetime offer.

Behind the project becomes the original director, Miyazaki left in the hands of his fellow Dark Souls 2 and now will be present for a third installment that his words could guess that would be the "final" within the saga . The hopes for a return to the franchise are obvious, and although it has been questioned whether he has enough time to combine the development of Bloodborne, Old Souls Dark Hunters and 3 without anything will suffer, so has commented on this game 2016 has been in development for longer than we can imagine. In any case, the high probability that we are facing the last game of the family, which carries pulling games annually from Demon's Souls, adds spice to the matter: is expected to be a farewell to the height before seeing what new projects have budding.

One of the elements that are required to Miyazaki's creativity and ability to reinvent situations that have lived intensely for years. They have passed dozens of bosses, some optional, some impossible, and Dark Souls 3 has learned the lesson of several chiefs we saw in Dark Souls 2. So far we have seen a few things but we liked. Monstrosities that do not respond to logical proportions, patterns that vary in battle more times and strokes account that can let you out cold with just touch you. Remains to be seen as others move (we have seen that there are dragons and knights hitting before you ask) but the expectations in this respect are also high.

Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

Bloodborne Regarding the last of deliveries, back to medieval fantasy environments where large castles, structures and solemn classical bestiary dragons, ogres, skeletons and other abominations will be presented to us. The Victorian and disturbing twist on the last play of PS4 does not seem so present, but relatively. Miyazaki has confirmed that the game will be located in the apocalypse, something you can say many things or may not mean too much. What is clear is that in our adventure, the motivations we have to get into this hell are unknown, there will be no simple way and context may have a darker than we were used to date touch.

Special editions and consoles
already have been showing, and running, some of the proposals through which the game will be available. In addition to the ordinary version we have other as is the Apocalypse with the game, Steelbook and a CD with the soundtrack; the collector with the game, Red Knight figure (25 cm), art book in hardcover, metáilca box, the soundtrack, a map of the game fabric, a unique case and three patches to apply on clothes; and the Prestige, which adds a figure of 40cm Cinder, a key character in the story. In addition, Playsattion 4 will receive a couple of issues with motives of the saga of From Software and TB capacity.

Dark Souls 3 comes out April 12 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In Europe we have to wait as it will be during the month of March when out in Japan, so the degoteo information and gameplays game since that date will be more insistent. And we can start to see if this is one of the great game of 2016.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Old Hunters (Old Hunters): Bloodborne Analysis

The Old Hunters (Old Hunters): Bloodborne Analysis

Bloodborne is one of the games of the year. And it is with the added merit of having left withstand comparison in February and people still remember despite the amount of news and Triple A names that have come these past two months. From Software's exclusive Playstation 4 it made ​​a turn to the Dark Souls formula focusing more on action and combat system that is the beginning and end of almost everything. It was a great success that it has become one of those unique that everyone wants for their platform. Now comes Old Hunters, first and last game in the expansion of our hunter must continue to browse through nightmares.

The Old Hunters (Old Hunter)  arrives in stores Tuesday at a price of 19.99 euros or in a pack with the GOTY version of From Software title. This is an expansion that adds us a way to new locations, enemies, and bosses gifts, plus tinker other elements of the main game as new NPC that can find and interact with them throughout the game. The experience, go ahead, it makes no revolution in the concept Bloodborne nor are we dealing with something that could be considered superior to the original game. We are simply more content than before, though, offers some new features that fans of the tormented hunters appreciate.

The Old Hunters (Old Hunters): Bloodborne Analysis

While expanding to enter simply have to have reached a very advanced not plot point (beat the Vicar ), it is true that we recommend meet these new challenges when we have a level around 65 , which means being already in the final stretch of the game almost. In fact, this scenario described is certainly the ideal to make the most of the difficulty of ancient hunters, that features new enemies and other harsh perhaps but are not so complicated that appear in abundance over account our progress.

In fact, this is one of the problems inherited from ancient hunters other game expansions From Software and has not been able to respond: the difficulty by level. In the first game, being at a level above 80 the challenge is not as demanding as you can spend. We build such a level 125 NG + have not had problems in almost all locations, with only the heads that have really given us a touch of significant attention. Finding the formula to balance the area, considering that many people played with high level characters have been months since the start of the game is complicated, but it can affect the gaming experience.

Hunters and hunted
first thing that stands in the early stages of the expansion is the similarity of the first location with what we know of Yharnam. A very similar structure remains, but what changes is the enemy before us. We find enemies hunters as a basis very hard to peel, because they are armed with some of the new weapons we can get in this area and gun in his left hand. They have the length and patterns we know invocations Bloodborne at times, but they are powerful to crush us a three-hit combo. Together with them, several known monsters like werewolves enough light to overcome. In these early stages we will see a couple of fairly strong and agile giants (with ax or a grenade launcher) that will give us problems.

The Old Hunters (Old Hunters): Bloodborne Analysis

In fact, it is in the cast of new enemies where lies part of the grace of ancient hunters. The enemies are not too well known secret, but the presence of these mentioned and others as a kind of white Ogre jumping like a ninja or herds of amorphous monsters with arrows and spears combined with annoying dogs, do we have be careful in several areas. Especially in two locations that are conspicuous by their artistic design: a building full of dementia in the purest style and a fishing village full of secrets.

But are the five bosses (be counted as four one intermediate) which really add to our adventure challenge. We will not go into details of how to respond are not -there nods to names we have heard us but husking why its appeal. Basically every club classic boss of From Software touch. The major, which are several on-screen and they give us fighting like a one on one against another player. They also have a special all-intermediate-less which is the following: when a third of confrontation there is a drastic change that changes the way of facing combat, making die when they have left one or two strokes of life is so exasperating as usual.

The Old Hunters (Old Hunters): Bloodborne Analysis

Ancient hunters have a very variable duration. We just all prisoners in just over six hours, telling us aground in excess of a few heads at that time can be reduced or extended, depending on the beat as level as what areas is not so simple. In addition, we must also bear in mind that there are a dozen new weapons discovered, and although it is true that there are large areas to explore, in the final stretch we've got more freedom to snoop through areas hidden treasures and some enemies more. It also has some backtracking, but it is very obvious and almost anecdotal.

Among the weapons, if you are of those that you have a generous character profile Arcane you will be in luck because they have added some powerful spells that let you open the range of possibilities of this build, also some weapons that require a high level of this section. In any case, for all and no missing items like explosive hammer-we can activate to stop an explosion in a coup or the Sacred Sword, where both strength and dexterity are important to master the most. No we ignore the Arch Sheet Simon, a curved sword becomes arc (is there anything more groovy than that?). So with some weapons fire, they invite us to play some type TPS, where the liveliness of blood is important so they can be used. A dozen guns in total, are another attraction which-probably more-game because it suits all kinds of ways to play. Of course, we have not found a Blood Rock to improve the maximum (+10), so I will play more or find another lap to complete full and if you did it with one of the original.

Other extras
Old Hunters Expansion change some elements of the original game with the presence of new NPC, is an argument that will allow us to know more of the game but without much fanfare and comes with new features that also affect the base of the game but not we have the expansion, as in the case of the League, a new oath that lets help other players while competing in a score of scores online. New objects are also added, like a bell that can invoke an NPC for cooperative that, go ahead, so far we have failed to use (things you have to analyze games From Software entered the first in its new proposals but doing something blinds).

The Old Hunters (Old Hunters): Bloodborne Analysis

Conclusion:  The Old Hunters (Old Hunters)  expands Bloodborne more content that follows the lead of the original game online. It noted for the abundance of new weapons and abilities that fit various types of profiles by hunters and really powerful bosses and interesting changes in combat. To this two very attractive locations and some new enemies present in the places we visited different from what we knew was added. But ancient hunters not involve either a revolution or a great change from Bloodborne. Content is similar to what we already knew level, although it is true that it is too linear in its development to the final stage of expansion and, depending on the level of your character, presumably high for those with gambling des February the experience can be less demanding than it should.

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Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

The last DLC for Batman Arkham Knight. Batman Arkham Knight considered complete their journey. One of the games of the year came with some controversy on that huge season pass 40 euros extras packed DLCs and ending with the Age of Infamy, the last pack of history which goes for closing trilogy Rocksteady. During these months we have seen content that has not been the level nor the heroines initial protagonists (Batgirl in the lead), nor what has been coming afterwards. It is, therefore, this was infamy does the salvation of the Season Pass? Probably not. We are in the best DLC of those who have gone, but what it offers is still insufficient in the overall calculation of season pass but to buy it separately may have an interest. 

The letter of the DLC can not be beat. After downloading 3.7 gigabytes of extra content you can access the game four of the classic and iconic villains of the Batman universe. It is neither more nor less than Ra's Al Ghul, The Mad Hatter, Croc Crocodile Murderer and Mr Freeze. The particularity of this DLC is that the missions to give them are integrated in the universe of Gotham City and not accessible from the main menu as the other DLC. This has some added that it is important to keep in mind: we need to have met certain requirements to access each new content, so it is best to have an advanced starting or finished to give the villains without any problems. 

Once we started to hunt down the enemies we realize that the game presents virtually the same as we have seen throughout the primary campaign. We will not have too many new (a new type of enemy, of course) and a parade of other skills and requirements that invite us to perform and control all elements of the game. Starting with Ra's Al Ghul , the plot invite us to give him after several rounds of exploring and sight of detective helping to end a special task. The highlight of this mission is its outcome, with options to choose it brings variety to the argument itself and is appreciated, although the resolution is not no big deal. 

Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

The Crocodile Murderer presents quite a different mission that we dscrito with Ra's Al Ghul, being much more linear and straightforward. In this case we will give the villain a pretty interesting scenario where we basically dedicate to overcome areas of platforms and destroy hordes of enemies without much difficulty. It is surely the shortest of all mission because no trial and error or possible loss along the way, but the final battle with Croc is fun. Its wingspan is impressive and fight him in a closed arena where they keep out enemies. We also have Nightwing to do some combo attacks and wipe the area with spectacular sequences when we caught Croc. The fight does not develop at all in the way that we saw in Arkham Asylum, being cut much more classic in this case but intense. 

Mr Freeze is probably the most interesting villain alongside that of the League of Murderers of Ra's Al Ghul mission. Although mechanical level is not too secret and expands what we know to do with Batman by active and passive (this section is based primarily on stealth sequences and confrontation with enemy equipped with firearms), the plot of his eternal search for his wife Nora develops surprises in the script, without going into destripes have a crumb. In addition, a battle aboard the Batmobile, which is used rather little in this DLC in general terms of the most powerful we remember one of the new weight of Arkham Knight added. A face-to-face with a large number of tanks that far exceeds many of the own Batmobile missions in the main campaign. For a moment it seems World of Tanks.

Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

Finally, the Mad Hatter is probably the worst of all enemies we have in this DLC. Basically we have to go to various parts of the city where some policemen abducted and we have to rescue them, plus off some explosives to keep them alive. It becomes very repetitive and uninspired, since the point that marks not funny. In the final section we will have a confrontation with several thugs who already know and that one stands out for the place in which we struggle, which is quite original and interesting to see.

At this point, it is important to stress that although it has good missions, the overall result of the DLC not just be the level you might expect. The missions are not excessively long and in little more than two hours can be completed depending on what we catch us on a couple of them. Once we overcome provides little thing except some challenges and add new skins as Batman film The Dark Knight . 

Conclusion:  The Era of Shame gives closed the Season Pass Batman Arkham Knight with interesting content for Dark Knight fan, who could face four new villains in this third installment. But the end result is below what you would expect when you read the names of Ra's Al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter or Crocodile Murderer. The missions do not have the same level of finish, two of them interesting and two weaker; To this is added the fact that having four villains to face the duration of DLC is not too generous and not add too much extra content once completed. One way to expand what we have seen in the campaign (at all levels) with some own details that are, yes, interesting.